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Nedsbar Public Hike: The Dakubetede Roadless Area

Local residents hiking the proposed new road into the Dakubetede Roadless Area through beautiful white oak woodland.

The Klamath Forest Alliance and Siskiyou Crest Blog led a public hike into units 26-20 and 27-20 of the Nedsbar Timber Sale today. Twenty-five residents from the Rogue and Applegate Valleys attended the hike into the Dakubetede Roadless Area, following the route of a proposed new road the BLM intends to build to facilitate logging in the Nedsbar Timber Sale. 

We began by hiking a decommissioned road to two units in the previously logged O’Lickety Timber Sale, units 57 and 54. These two units were drastically over-cut, which downgraded dispersal habitat for the northern spotted owl to habitat that is no longer suitable for any of the owl’s habitat needs. 

Community members discussing the negative outcome of the recent O’Lickety Timber Sale.

The group then hiked the proposed new road through oak woodland in the Dakubetede Roadless Area to unit 26-20 of the proposed Nedsbar Timber Sale, then up the proposed road to unit 27-20. The proposed road leads to a beautiful grassy knob overlooking Lick Gulch.

Taking a break at the top of the proposed new road in a stand of old-growth black oak trees.

The group then hiked into Nedsbar Timber Sale units on the north slope, hiking stands of pine and fir, including areas with large, old trees. The community was in agreement that units 26-20 and 27-20, as well as the proposed new road that would be built to facilitate logging, should all be canceled and dropped from the sale.

Exploring a stand of old-growth trees in unit 27-20 of the Nedsbar Timber Sale.

The hike provided an opportunity for local residents to explore their backyard and see what is at stake in the Nedsbar Timber Sale. It also provided documentary filmmaker, Dean Hawn, an opportunity to see firsthand, the forests proposed for logging in the Nedsbar Timber Sale. Dean is filming a documentary called The Paper Trail, which will explore issues surrounding timber management in Oregon, including the Nedsbar Timber Sale. Today’s hike allowed him to hear how community members feel about how their local public lands should be managed. 

Stay tuned for info on the next public hike scheduled for March 28, 2015. Also, don’t miss the Nedsbar Timber Sale Presentation at the Applegate Community Grange on March 19th, starting at 6:30pm.

Dean Hawn filming community discussion for his documentary film titled The Paper Trail. The film will be exploring timber management in Oregon while highlighting the Nedsbar Timber Sale.