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Nedsbar Timber Sale Presentation March 19, 2015

Unit 25-23 in the Nedsbar Timber Sale
Nedsbar Timber Sale
March 19, 2015 6:30pm
Applegate Community Grange
3901 Upper Applegate Road

The Nedsbar Timber Sale is a
large proposed timber sale on BLM lands in the Little Applegate and Upper
Applegate Valleys. The timber sale would include building new roads and logging
large, old trees that will likely increase fire hazards adjacent to our homes
and communities.

Please come to this free
presentation and learn about what is happening on the BLM lands in your
backyard and what you can do about it. The presentation will include a history
of what has led to this timber sale and where the logging units are in relation
to homes and properties within the valley. Beautiful photos of the Nedsbar
Timber Sale units, views of the units from the valley floor, and photos of the
greater region will be shown in a Powerpoint presentation. 
Speakers will present information about the impacts of the BLM’s proposed timber sale and the benefits of the Community
Alternative developed by local residents and environmentalists. Over 300 people have already signed on in support of the Community Alternative! Learn how you can sign on in support of the Community Alternative and get involved in grassroots efforts to protect the Applegate Valley from inappropriate BLM logging at the Nedsbar Timber Sale presentation.
This sums up the sentiment of many in the Applegate Valley.
The presentation is brought to you by the Klamath Forest Alliance and the Siskiyou Crest Blog. Please support our work; it can only continue with your support. Consider making a donation to the Klamath Forest Alliance and specify “Nedsbar” when making donations. You can donate online or by mail.
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