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Westside Project Public Meeting, Information & Videos

Seaid Valley and the Klamath River viewed from the
Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) on Devils Ridge in the Kangaroo Roadless Area.
The fire-effected slopes across the river are targeted for extensive
salvage logging in the wild, salmon stronghold of Grider Creek.
This photo depicts a few of the 229 units proposed for logging in the Westside Fire Recovery Project. The proposed salvage units, outlined in red, would devastate this wild and scenic region with large, clear-cut swaths, disrupting natural recovery and impacting innumerable ecological and societal values. The
area includes the PCT; steep and unstable soils subject to erosion;
Late Successional Reserve (LSR) forest important for spotted owls; a Bald Eagle Management Area, and
very important connectivity habitat between the Marble Mountains
Wilderness Area and the Red Buttes Wilderness Area. This ecologically
important region—and scenic national treasure—should not be logged and
converted into highly flammable and ecologically destitute tree

The Comment Period for the Westside Salvage Recovery Project will be coming to a close on April 27, 2015. Please comment on this project. It is one of the largest timber sales proposed in Forest Service history and has the potential to create extreme environmental impacts in some of the most intact watersheds on the West Coast. Below are links to detailed information on the project and great videos that will help you create a meaningful comment by addressing the relevant issues.

Attend the public meeting!!! 
Let’s pack the house for the Klamath River
Tuesday, April 21st, 4pm-7:30pm
4:00pm—Press conference and comment delivery
4:30pm-7:30pm—Open house
Rogue Regency Inn
2300 Biddle Road
Medford, OR

Klamath National Forest officials will be there to answer questions and provide information. Please come out and advocate for the Klamath River and its wildlife, wild rivers and Native people. 

Stop the Westside Salvage Recovery Project!