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Siskiyou Mountain Range

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Lights, Cameras, and Don’t Forget to Take Action! Sign on in Support of the Applegate Ridge Trail!

A view into Ruch, Oregon from the East Applegate Ridge Trail (ART).

The Applegate Trails Association (ATA) has released “Walking the Wild Applegate” to viewers online. The film documents the first thru-hike on the Jack-Ash and Applegate Ridge Trails. Together, the non-motorized trail system will connect the communities of Grants Pass and Ashland, Oregon. The trails will extend over 80 miles through the rugged foothills of the Applegate Valley, including the Dakubetede, McDonald Peak and Wellington Butte Roadless Areas.

ATA has also released a link to an online petition in support of the Applegate Ridge Trail. We need a showing of support to continue building trail. We are working to gain approval through the Medford District BLM on the next section of trail. We believe BLM needs a little positive reinforcement. Please sign on in support of the trail!

Please, sit back, enjoy the film and the beautiful scenery of the Siskiyou Mountains. After seeing the potential benefits and beauty of the Jack-Ash and Applegate Ridge Trails I am sure you will want to sign on and let the BLM know you support the trail. 

Lights, camera, and don’t forget to take action. Sign on in support now!

To view the film: Walking the Wild Applegate
To sign the online petition: Support the Applegate Ridge Trail