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Siskiyou Mountain Range

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The Year in Review at the Siskiyou Crest Blog


2015 was a big
year for The Siskiyou Crest Blog. Together with Klamath Forest Alliance, we worked tirelessly on many issues all over the
Klamath-Siskiyou ecoregion, from the fire sculpted landscapes of the Klamath
River to the wild rivers of the Kalmiopsis Wildands and the dry forests of the
Applegate Valley. We want to take a moment to reflect on our accomplishments
and look forward to the many environmental struggles that lie ahead in the New
Timber Sale Monitoring:
Leading a public hike through unit 28-22 in the Nedsbar Timber Sale. The unit has been canceled due to public outrage over logging this fire adapted old-growth stand. Many more units must be canceled to make the sale acceptable to local residents and environmentalists in the Applegate Valley.

Nedsbar Timber
Sale/Nedsbar Community Alternative
  • Coordinated
    the Nedsbar Community Monitoring Project, including unit monitoring,
    photographic monitoring, tree coring and numerous blog posts, informing
    the public and environmental movement of the BLM’s timber sale
  • Participated
    in numerous public hikes, field trips and meetings with BLM to positively
    influence the Nedsbar Timber Sale.
  • Organized
    and led community hikes into controversial Nedsbar Timber Sale units.
  • Participation
    in the drafting of the Nedsbar Community Alternative.
  • Wrote
    all forest restoration prescriptions for the Nedsbar Community
  • Presented
    a detailed Powerpoint presentation on the Nedsbar Timber Sale and
    Community Alternative for community groups in the Applegate Valley.
  • Provided
    detailed public comment during the Scoping Period for the Nedsbar Timber
  • Organized
    public support, leading to 7 units dropped from the Nedsbar Timber Sale.
  • Published
    19 separate blog posts on the Nedsbar Timber Sale. 
    The issue is ongoing with an Environmental Assessment due for publication
    in April 2016. Please support our continued efforts. 
 Westside Fire Recovery Project 
  • Provided
    an in-depth, detailed 26-page public comment for the Westside Fire
    Recovery Project Environmental Impact Statement. 
  • Conducted
    field monitoring of proposed post-fire logging units in sensitive
  • Documented
    debris flows and severe water quality impacts in fire effected watersheds
    proposed for post-fire logging. Submitted this information to the Forest
    Service and North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board.
  • Participated
    in Klamath National Forest field trips into post-fire logging units.
  • Published
    4 blog posts on the Westside Fire Recovery Project.
    A final decision on the Westside Fire Recovery Project is pending. Please
    support our continued efforts to stop this massive timber sale.
Adaptive Management Area Projects (AMA)
  • Organized
    public discussion regarding timber sale related projects in the Applegate
    AMA on Forest Service and BLM land.
  • Attended
    public field trips and meetings about timber sale related projects in the
  • Began
    to organize the conservation community’s response to AMA proposals,
    advocating for protection of sensitive habitats, scientifically-based
    restoration treatments, and other conservation measures.
    This project is ongoing, and the agencies are proposing AMA Projects for
    planning in 2016. 

 OHV Monitoring:

The Hinkle Lake Botanical Area is a major focus of OHV monitoring on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.


Valley OHV Monitoring Project
  • Successfully
    funded the Applegate Valley OHV Monitoring Project through a Kickstarter
    Campaign supported by 39 local residents. Thanks to everyone who
  • Published
    and submitted detailed OHV Monitoring Reports to both the Rogue
    River-Siskiyou National Forest and the Medford District BLM for lands in
    the Applegate Valley.
  • Submitted
    public petitions signed by hundreds of local residents supporting OHV
    closure in sensitive areas in the Applegate Valley. Thanks to all of
    you who signed on!
  • Attended
    meetings with the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest regarding OHV
    impacts and proposed OHV closures.  
  • Published
    6 blog posts on the Applegate Valley OHV Monitoring Project. 
    It appears that some OHV closures will develop from this ongoing
    monitoring effort. Stay tuned for future updates! Please support our
    continued engagement in these issues.
River-Siskiyou National Forest Travel Management Plan (TMP)
  • Years
    of public comment and engagement on this issue culminated in a 32-page
    Objection Letter submitted to the Forest Service opposing OHV use in
    Roadless Areas, Botanical Areas, Back-Country Non-Motorized Areas, and
    other important areas in the Siskiyou Mountains. 
  • Attended
    the Objection meeting in December, advocating for conservation measures
    and appropriate OHV closures. 
  • Published
    a large blog post exploring wild areas proposed for OHV use on the Rogue
    River-Siskiyou National Forest.
    A final decision on this project is scheduled for early 2016. The issue is
    ongoing and the Siskiyou Crest Blog will be organizing to influence the
    updated annual Motor Vehicle Use Map in the years to come. 

Fire Monitoring & Suppression Reform:


The Happy Camp Fire in the Marble Mountains Wilderness Area.

Klamath River
Fire Reports 
  • Published
    the Beaver and Happy Camp Fire Reports through the Klamath Forest
    Alliance, documenting fire effects and fire suppression impacts sustained
    on the Klamath National Forest in 2014. The Beaver and Happy Camp Fire
    Reports were published together with the Whites Fire Report, written by
    Kimberly Baker of Klamath Forest Alliance. 
  • Held
    meetings with the Klamath National Forest regarding fire suppression
 Buckskin Fire Report

  • Successfully
    funded a Kickstarter campaign to support the Buckskin Fire Report, an
    in-depth, on-the-ground monitoring report for the Buckskin Fire of 2015.
     The Buckskin
    Fire burned in the South Kalmiopsis Roadless Area in the Siskiyou National
    Forest. Thanks to everyone who helped fund this project!
    I had limited time for on-the-ground monitoring before winter weather set
    in, however, I was able to squeeze in enough time to capture some good
    photos of the fire and get a feel for the suppression impacts. Field
    monitoring will continue as soon as the snow melts. The project is ongoing
    with the publication of the Fire Report scheduled for spring-summer 2016.
TREX Prescribed
Fire Learning Exchange
  • Participated
    in the Klamath River TREX Prescribed Fire Exchange, implementing
    prescribed fire treatments adjacent to homes on the Klamath and Salmon
    Rivers in Northern California.
  • Utilized
    blog posts to promote prescribed fire and wildland fire use. 

Public Land Grazing Reform

Annual monitoring efforts are focused on the high mountain meadows of the eastern Siskiyou Crest. 

Campaign to
Reform Public Lands Grazing in Northern California
  • Participated
    in a five-day backpacking trip across the Siskiyou Crest, monitoring
    cattle grazing allotments on both the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest
    and Klamath National Forest. Monitoring consists of documenting the overutilization
    of range resources, impacts to riparian areas, water quality and wildlife
  • Work
    was coordinated by the Campaign to Reform Public Lands Grazing in Northern
  • Submitted
    Grazing Monitoring Reports to the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest and
    Klamath National Forest. 
    The project is ongoing. Please support our continued efforts. 


Public Land Mining Reform

Rough and Ready Creek is a stronghold for fisheries in the Illinois River basin, a botanical wonderland, a unique and spectacular wildland, one of the clearest streams you will ever see and the site of a proposed nickel strip mine. Long threatened with large scale strip mining, the area is now proposed for a “mineral withdrawal” which would put a moratorium on the development of new mining claims. The “mineral withdrawal” proposal is strongly supported by many local residents.

 Siskiyou Wild
Rivers Campaign
  • Provided public
    comment to the BLM and US Forest Service regarding Mineral Withdrawal in the
    North Fork of the Smith River, Baldface Creek, the West Fork of the Illinois
    River, Rough and Ready Creek, Upper Pistol River, and Hunter Creek watersheds.
    An official mineral withdrawal would make these lands exempt from new mine
    claim development, protecting wildlands, wild fisheries, and water quality.

  • Attended
    public meetings and provided public testimony in support of mineral
  • UPDATE: The project is ongoing. Please support
    our continued efforts.

Collaborative Projects

A public hike with Applegate Neighborhood Network through roadless oak woodland proposed for new road construction in the Nedsbar Timber Sale.

Neighborhood Network (ANN)
  • Participated
    in the formation of a local, conservation-based collaborative advocating
    for environmental and ecological concerns in local collaborative forest
    management projects in the Applegate Valley. ANN will organize local
    conservation-based non-profits and residents to influence public land
    management planning and projects within the Applegate River
    This project is ongoing. Please support the work of ANN. 
  • Highlighted
    the need for strong environmental oversight of the newly developing
    cannabis industry in southwestern Oregon.
  • Currently
    The Siskiyou Crest Blog is the only environmental voice publicly pushing
    for the protection of the southwestern Oregon’s fragile biodiversity as
    this budding industry grows.
Native Seeds
  • Advocating
    for pollinator habitat restoration and protections. Increasing awareness
    of pollinator issues in the local area, including monarch butterfly
    advocacy and habitat restoration.
Happy New Year!
In 2016 the
Siskiyou Crest Blog hopes to continue making a difference in the
Klamath-Siskiyou. We intend to continue our activism, advocacy and public
education in support of tangible conservation victories.  At the Siskiyou
Crest Blog we will:
  • Address
    current and newly developing threats to the Klamath-Siskiyou
  • Continue
    monitoring public land management planning and projects in the

  • Explore
    ways to provide permanent protection for the region’s outstanding biodiversity,
    roadless wildlands, wild rivers, and scenic mountain habitats. 
  • Continue
    hiking, exploring, backpacking and intimately connecting with the place
    I’ve called home my entire life.  

consider donating to this mostly volunteer work. The Siskiyou Crest Blog, our
investigative reporting and public lands activism, is entirely a community-supported
effort. Keep it wild in 2016!