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Applegate Valley OHV Monitoring Project fully funded!

OHV damage in the Dakubetede Roadless Area on Goat Cabin Ridge. I surveyed this area on June 4th, the day after fully funding my Kickstarter campaign. This was the first of many field days for the Applegate Valley OHV Monitoring Project. Thanks to the supporters of my Kickstarter, OHV routes throughout the Applegate Valley will be surveyed for environmental impacts and proposed for closure. 

May 13, I initiated a Kickstarter campaign to fund the Applegate Valley
OHV Monitoring Project, a comprehensive monitoring program to document
the impacts of OHV use in the Applegate Valley, and advocate for
ecological values, non-motorized recreation, wildlife, wildlands, and
native plant communities. 

June 3, I reached my funding goal and am now 123% funded. The
outpouring of support speaks to the need for OHV monitoring and
ecological advocacy. I believe that with these funds I can survey most
of the heavily impacted OHV areas in the foothills of the Applegate
Valley and portions of the Rogue Valley. To that end I have begun the
project by getting out on the ground surveying OHV routes in the Little
Applegate Valley and Forest Creek areas. 
now have six days left to raise additional funds through kickstarter
and have announced that all additional funds raised will support
expansion of the project into other areas in need of attention. 
area of highest priority is Hinkle Lake, a high elevation lake adjacent
to the Red Buttes Wilderness, and one of the region’s most spectacular
landscapes. The region is a protected Botanical Area and proposed
addition to the Red Buttes Wilderness. It is, unfortunately, also one of
the region’s most heavily impacted OHV areas. The region has been
damaged by illegal OHV use, despite being officially closed to OHVs for
thirty years. Throughout the years the official closure has been
neglected and much damage has been done. In recent years
environmentalists have successfully encouraged the Forest Service to
implement and enforce the OHV closure; however, recently the gate
protecting this area has been vandalized and off-roaders have mired the
area’s magnificent wet meadows with muddy tire tracks and deep,
irreparable ruts.

Hinkle Lake, a wild botanical treasure that should not be subjected to OHV abuse.
I receive additional funds I will be able to monitor the area
throughout the summer and document violations of the motor vehicle
closure and/or vandalism to gates and other infrastructure designed to
eliminate illegal and ecologically damaging OHV use in the area. I will
work collaboratively with local non-profits, private citizens, and the
Forest Service to see that Hinkle Lake is protected for future
generations. Please consider supporting this project or forwarding the
links to my Kickstarter and this blogpost to potentially supportive
individuals. Help me expand the project—let’s protect Hinkle Lake too!

OHV damage in the Hinkle Lake basin.


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