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Nesbar Timber Sale Public Hike February, 28 2015

Unit 27-20 in the Nedsbar Timber Sale, the destination of the upcoming public hike sponsored by Klamath Forest Alliance and the Siskiyou Crest Blog.

The Klamath Forest Alliance and the Siskiyou Crest Blog
will be organizing public hikes into the Nedsbar Timber Sale this
spring. We plan to lead one hike per month into wild forests proposed
for logging in the Nedsbar Timber Sale. 

The first hike will be on February 28, 2015.
We will be meeting at 10:00AM at the intersection of Yale Creek Road
and Little Applegate Road, near the long row of mailboxes. 

hike will explore a wild portion of the Dakubetede Roadless Area; we
will follow the route of a proposed new road the BLM intends to
construct in lower Lick Gulch to facilitate logging in the Nedsbar
Timber Sale. The proposed road winds through beautiful oak woodland
across currently unroaded slopes to the ridgeline dividing Lick Gulch
from the Little Applegate River.  The proposed road would lead to
Nedsbar units 26-20 and 27-20, the destination for the day. The hike is
off-trail and roughly 4 miles roundtrip. The terrain is variable; some
areas can be steep. Bring a rain jacket, sturdy shoes, water, trekking
poles if needed, and a lunch. To view my recent post about units 26-20
and 27-20 follow this link: Community Monitoring Project: Nedsbar Timber Sale units 26-20 and 27-20

Please stay tuned for a complete schedule of Nedsbar Timber Sale hikes this spring!

Units 27-20 and 26-20 are located in the Dakubetede Roadless Area on a beautiful ridgeline dividing the Little Applegate River and Lick Gulch. The route of the hike will follow the black line in this map, which is a proposed new road development.