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Siskiyou Field Institute Course May 18, 2014

Fire Ecology of the Red Buttes Wilderness

Fire Ecology of the Red Buttes Wilderness

Instructor: Luke Ruediger
Date: Sunday, May 18, 2014
Location: Meeting at Applegate Dam, carpooling to trailhead in the Red Buttes
Tuition: $55
                       phone: (541) 597-8530

Course Description
course will use the 2012 Hello Fire as our classroom. The fire is a wonderful
example of low to moderate intensity fire that has been allowed to recover
naturally. Course participants will explore the old-growth forests of the Butte
Fork Canyon. Topics covered will include fire management, wildland fire use,
minimal impact fire suppression tactics, post disturbance response and recovery,
as well as stand development and dynamics in mixed-conifer habitats.